A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Duality is a two player cooperative split-screen top-down puzzle game where each player sees a different version of a shared game world, making it necessary for the players to communicate in order to successfully solve the puzzles and navigate through levels.

Please enjoy.

Anders G. Lilly & Henrik L. Wille

Install instructions

To play the game:

Short version:

The game is ment to be an online coop game since the core of the game is that you can only see each others obstacles, but for now its played on two screens where each player gets his/her screen.


Long version:

NB: This is a prototype of a two player game currently simulated on one computer. Not knowing what is on the other's screen is at the core of the game so please follow these instructions.

  • Play with:
    • One extra screen
    • One extra keyboard
  • How to
    • Connect extra screen and keyboard
    • If on a mac, enable sharing one window on two screens:
      • System choices -> Mission Control-> Uncheck: "Displays have separate spaces"
    • Start up the game with the resolution of your screens.
    • Move the window so it is between the screens, showing only white on the left screen(and black on the right).
    • Turn the screens away from each other so you can't peek.
    • Enjoy


Duality - (1400*900) ver 2 59 MB
Duality - (1400*900) ver 1 15 MB
Duality - (1080*900) ver 1 15 MB

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